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Interactive Learning With Pepper And Nao Using STEM Education

In recent years, technology has undoubtedly advanced exponentially, particularly in the area of education. To write a paper, you had to go to the library and get encyclopaedias by hand, which was less than 30 years ago. Not many people had computers at home, even if they did exist. Now that we have access to all of the world's knowledge, people can work together on a variety of projects with people from all over the globe. Robots are integrating into the classroom environment as our educational system and tools change. People could not have predicted that these events would occur so quickly. In this article, however, we want to look into how the future of classroom technology would look like.  

Researchers and Ed have been closely examining the educational system of today. We would like to present to you our solutions, which have been backed by researchers, scientists, and educators, in response to tech companies' tendency to be quotidian, generalised, or place less emphasis on individuals, thereby undermining self-development. Some concepts have survived the test of time, while others have not.  

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