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We build and develop robotic services that emulate human actions interacting with technology and software. Just like humans, our humanoid robots can perform a wide range of defined tasks to streamline workflows in different industries and sectors.

Meet Pepper - The Humanoid Robot

Pepper is a humanoid robot, born on 5th June 2014. He is the world’s first social humanoid robot, and stands at 1.2m tall.  Pepper is able to recognise both facial and basic human emotions and designed for human interaction with vocal conversation. Pepper has also been assigned as an "ambassador" by the Office for COVID-19 and Other Emergency Infections Disease Control, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan


Pepper & Nao For Education
A new form of interactive education. Users can easily define the motion and his speech by programming
Pepper & Nao for Business
Pepper's motion and the speech attracts the passersby, followed by a reach out by a staff to increase sales conversion.
Pepper & Nao for Healthcare
Pepper & Nao for Events