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How To Use Grab For Business

Grab is a popular ride-hailing and delivery service in Southeast Asia, and it also offers a range of business solutions for companies of all sizes. Here are the steps to use Grab for business:      

1. Register for a Grab for Business account: Visit the Grab for Business website and create an account. You can choose from different plans based on your company's needs and the number of employees who will be using Grab for business. 

2. Add employees to your account: After creating your account, you can add employees to your company's Grab for Business account. This allows them to use the Grab app and its features, such as booking rides or ordering food delivery, and charge it to the company account.  

3. Set up payment options: You can add a payment method, such as a credit card or debit card, to your account for all the rides and deliveries made by your employees. You can also set spending limits and transaction caps to control expenses. 

4. Create policies and rules: You can set up policies and rules for your employees' use of Grab for business. This includes restrictions on ride categories or time of day, and maximum distance or amount limits.   

5. Use Grab services: Once your employees are added to the account, they can use Grab for business services, such as booking rides or ordering food delivery. The cost of the service will be automatically charged to the company account, and receipts will be sent to the registered email addresses.   

6. Monitor usage and expenses: The Grab for Business portal allows you to monitor and analyze usage and expenses of your employees on the platform. You can access reports on trip details, expenses, and other analytics to help you optimize your company's use of Grab for business. 

Overall, using Grab for business can provide a convenient and cost-effective way for companies to manage their employees' transportation and delivery needs. With the ability to set policies, monitor usage, and control expenses, Grab for business is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

How To Use Grab For Business

1. On your Grab app, proceed to make a transport or food booking.     
2.  Tap on the Personal button and change to Business.

*For Business Rides
*For Food Delivery Orders

3. Click Confirm and continue with your booking.


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