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What Is Grab For Business

What Is Grab For Business

For companies that open a corporate account, Grab for Business offers four main services: business transportation, express( delivery service), food, and gifts. Grab For Business has four main categories of spending to make up typical business expenses for many businesses, which we typically submit as employees and process as employers.  

As a result of this, Grab for Business can benefit both employers and employees greatly.

Grab Business Transport

Due to work obligations or when a need for OT arises, many businesses reimburse employees for their transportation costs. Employees can easily separate business travel expenses from personal transportation usage by using Grab for Business.  

On top of that, Grab's Business Transport service has a second feature that enables concierge service. Since tourists may not always have access to Grab and may be charged back to them, hotels may logically arrange for this or offer a perk to their guests. Despite being helpful, COVID-19 border restrictions may prevent this scenario from working out too well in onboarding hotels.

Grab Food

Food is another typical business expense. If employees work OT, many employers offer meals to them. In order to lessen stress while working from home or to provide meals for employees at work, some businesses also offer these services.

Employees can place Individual Orders by tagging a corporate account on Grab for Business, which is similar to booking transportation.  Additionally, businesses can use this service to schedule Group Orders for smaller team meetings, Bento Set for employees who work late or attend work lunches with business contacts, and bulk orders for office or event employees. 

Grab Express

Delivering packages is a daily requirement for some businesses. This can also apply to e-commerce and retail businesses, as well as service-based companies like law firms or home businesses.  You will eventually need to look for delivery services to send a package to other businesses that don't use them if you want to run your company.

You can manage your deliveries with ease with the aid of Grab Express. When you use Grab Express, you can send packages across Southeast Asian regions, manage and track deliveries using a single app, and be automatically insured. 

Grab Gifts

This feels like a complete add-on. Grab for Business's "Gifts" section is merely a corporate giftcard that is nice to have but not its primary offering.      
Businesses can give Grab discounts to their employees, clients, and business partners as a gift card.

If you're interested in registering Grab for Business, you're just one step away from discovering a world of convenience and efficiency. Sign up today to explore how Grab's business solutions can elevate your operations, streamline transportation needs, and enhance overall efficiency. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Grab for Business is designed to cater to your unique requirements. Don't miss out on the opportunity to simplify your business travel and deliveries – sign up now to experience the future of seamless mobility solutions with Grab.

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